Dry cleaning – prices

Dry cleaning and laundry

  24 hours2 hoursIroning only
1Suit19 BGN29 BGN10 BGN
2Jacket11 BGN17 BGN6 BGN
3Skirt/Trousers11 BGN17 BGN6 BGN
4Pleated skirt12 BGN18 BGN6 BGN
5Suit vest5 BGN8 BGN3 BGN
7Shirt/Blouse8 BGN12 BGN4 BGN
8Pullover/Cardigan9 BGN14 BGN5 BGN
9Dress - short11 BGN17 BGN6 BGN
10Dress - long19 BGN29 BGN10 BGN
11Dress - wedding45 BGN68 BGN23 BGN
11Dress - formal25 BGN38 BGN13 BGN
12T-shirt9 BGN14 BGN5 BGN
13Shorts7 BGN11 BGN4 BGN
14Coat - short16 BGN24 BGN8 BGN
15Coat - long18 BGN27 BGN9 BGN
16Grinder17 BGN26 BGN9 BGN
17Thin Jacket12 BGN18 BGN6 BGN
18Padded Jacket18 BGN27 BGN9 BGN
19Short Down Jacket19 BGN29 BGN10 BGN
20Padded Vest15 BGN23 BGN8 BGN
21Long Down Jacket22 BGN33 BGN11 BGN
21Down Jacket - Knee-length27 BGN41 BGN14 BGN
22Ski Jacket22 BGN33 BGN11 BGN
23Ski Pants19 BGN29 BGN10 BGN
24Ski Suit37 BGN56 BGN19 BGN
25Ski Overalls27 BGN41 BGN14 BGN
26Ski Gloves9 BGN14 BGN5 BGN
27Hat/Gloves6 BGN9 BGN3 BGN
28Scarf5 BGN8 BGN3 BGN
29Silk Scarf8 BGN12 BGN4 BGN
30Suit - Two Pieces19 BGN29 BGN10 BGN
31National Costume16 BGN24 BGN8 BGN
32Overalls19 BGN29 BGN10 BGN
33Children's Clothing up to 7 years old12 BGN18 BGN6 BGN
34Bedding - per kilogram8 BGN12 BGN4 BGN
35Lightweight Quilt - Single15 BGN23 BGN8 BGN
36Lightweight Quilt - Double25 BGN38 BGN13 BGN
37Thin Curtains - per kilogram11 BGN17 BGN6 BGN
38Thick Curtains - per kilogram9 BGN14 BGN5 BGN
39Down Quilt - Single25 BGN38 BGN13 BGN
40Down Quilt - Double35 BGN53 BGN18 BGN
41Down Pillow20 BGN30 BGN10 BGN
42Individual Laundry / Price28 BGN42 BGN14 BGN
43Mattress Cover - Single25 BGN38 BGN13 BGN
44Mattress Cover - Double35 BGN53 BGN18 BGN

Dry cleaning of leather goods

  24 hours2 hours
1Short jacket - leather29 BGN44 BGN
2Long jacket - leather35 BGN53 BGN
3Vest - leather15 BGN23 BGN
4Skirt, pants - leather17 BGN26 BGN
5Coat with fur35 BGN53 BGN
6Casing38 BGN57 BGN
7Short eco leather jacket19 BGN29 BGN
8Long eco leather jacket21 BGN32 BGN
9Hat, leather gloves10 BGN15 BGN
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